Product warranty

This document certifies that the purchased product(s) benefit from a guarantee based on the trade name, code and serial number according to the tax invoice. This guarantee is granted in accordance with the Romanian laws in force on the date of purchase.
This certificate stipulates and establishes the terms regarding the granting of the guarantee for the products offered by SC LUQAS PC FABRIQUE SRL.
This certificate includes mentions regarding the rights conferred by the consumer law, it is granted in accordance with the provisions of OG no. 21/1992, Law no. 449/2003 and Law no. 296/2004 and does not affect the rights of the consumer in any way.
To preserve the warranty, please follow the following instructions:
  • Do not remove the product serial number label.
  • Respecting the way to use the product.
  • Do not make unauthorized/unauthorized changes to the product.
  • Do not exceed the maximum capacity values ​​of the product.
  • Do not make hardware/software or other changes to the product.
  • Strict compliance with the conditions of handling, transport, storage, commissioning, exploitation, maintenance and repairs of the product (supply voltage: 220V±10%, mandatory sockets with earthing; network frequency: 50Hz±2%; temperature: 10- 35°C; humidity: 65% non-condensing; environment free of dust, corrosive agents and/or vibrations; connecting the equipment to each other is only allowed with them disconnected from the power supply. Smoking, consumption of food and drinks any kind in the immediate vicinity of the product likely to be affected by such activities). Total or partial non-compliance with the previously indicated requirements leads to the impossibility of ensuring the guarantee.
1. System – standard 12 months;/ Laptop – standard 12 months;/ Toners – standard 12 months; Electronic components/equipment – ​​standard 12 months;
1.1. The warranty covers the product sold in its entirety, as well as the component parts. The remedy is done by repairing or replacing the product, according to the legislation in force, the replaced equipment or components becoming the property of the seller.
1.2. The seller assumes the following during the warranty period:
a. Finding, repairing and/or replacing the product free of charge, defective components that come from the manufacturer as a manufacturing defect, provided that the product has been used properly. In the event that defects caused by the use of the improper product are found, the buyer/consumer will bear the full cost of the replaced components and all expenses incurred for their repair and/or replacement.
b. During the warranty period, the replacement of a defective product that cannot be repaired is done free of charge with an identical functional product, with the exception of situations where the respective product is no longer available on the market. In this case, we reserve the right to replace that product with another product that presents properties, characteristics and performance at least equal or superior to the product that cannot be replaced with an identical one.
When requesting the granting of the guarantee, it will be necessary to present the product in its original packaging, with the technical documentation and accessories with which it was delivered/purchased, accompanied by: the tax invoice, the identification labels (serials), the guarantee certificate and a detailed description of the defects the product. The lack of one of the mentioned details makes it impossible for us to provide the guarantee.
1. The product was not used properly.
2. Missing or damaged production series.
3. Improper/unauthorized interventions on the product.
4. Defects caused by the transportation, handling, storage, installation and use of the equipment in improper conditions.
We are not responsible for any incompatibilities between the systems and/or subassemblies sold by us and the products of other companies. The configuration changes made to the equipment sold by us by other companies or unauthorized persons completely exonerate us from any liability.
Our company does not assume any responsibility for collateral losses that could occur as a result of defects in the equipment sold, regardless of whether they are in the warranty period or not, but only the obligation to repair these defects under the conditions provided in the previous paragraphs.
The guarantee is granted only to our customers, we are in no way liable to customers who will have purchased the products sold by us through third parties, except for cases where the contrary is specified in an additional document that shows our stamp + signature in the original .
The guarantee is provided for all products sold by our company, except for consumables: ribbons, matrix heads, jet printer heads, cylinder, batteries, etc. No warranty is granted for defects resulting from the use of refilled cartridges, for optical units that have traces of broken optical discs or foreign bodies inside, for electronic components that have burnt chips and visible traces of electric shocks, for processors with visible traces of burning or chipped tablet as well as bent pins. Also, the warranty is not granted to products which, in the opinion of our specialists, justified in writing, present defects due to careless handling or exploitation (mechanical, electrical, thermal shocks, high level of impurities, high humidity conditions, foreign objects or liquids inside the equipment , placing in positions other than the appropriate ones, unauthorized interventions on the equipment, improper installation, accidents due to own fault, use in conditions not in accordance with the instructions for use, exploitation beyond the load limit provided by the manufacturer. Normal mechanical wear is not covered by the warranty. considers complaints related to LCD monitors defective, whose deficiencies fall within the specifications and tolerances allowed according to ISO 13406-2 class II, respectively: for 17" and 19" diagonals, 3 defective pixels are accepted, for diagonals over 19" accepts 5 defective pixels, averages these defects under the conditions provided in the previous paragraphs.
Our company does not guarantee the security of data on any present or future storage medium, of whatever nature it may be (magnetic, optical, etc.). The obligations of our company are limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product, if the deficiencies are not attributable to the consumer, the liability being limited to a value equal to that of the selling price of the respective product, any other losses suffered as a result of the failure of a product not being able to cover us be imputed. We insist on the need to make backups as often as possible for any important programs or data, precisely to avoid information loss. Any inconsistency or omission notified by the beneficiary regarding the documents drawn up by our sales department, in relation to the conditions previously discussed with the representatives of our company and/or in relation to the products received, must be communicated by any means within a maximum of 2 legal working days from the date of their receipt, any subsequent notification being null and void.
Our company markets products that comply with all commercial conditions, presenting quality parameters and normal performances, which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and its characteristics.
We, SC LUQAS PC FABRIQUE SRL, declare on our own responsibility that our products comply with the requirements related to the protection of life, health, work safety and environmental protection, in accordance with the provisions of HG 1022/2002 and HG 457/2003. We also declare that we distribute electrical and electronic equipment in compliance with the requirements of European regulations 72/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC, the provisions of HG 992/2005 regarding the limitation of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and the provisions of HG 448/2005 regarding the prevention of the production of electrical and electronic equipment waste.
The warranty for products that are not accompanied by a warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer/importer is settled at the headquarters of SC PC Garage SRL presented in the contact page ( ) by SC PC Garage SRL, by repairing, replacing or canceling the defective product. The transport payment for the products sent (round-trip) in order to settle the guarantee falls under the responsibility of SC PC Garage SRL, and the shipment will be made by means of the fast courier Fan Courier. The warranty is settled within a maximum of 15 calendar days.
The warranty conditions are in accordance with OG 21/1992 ( ), OG 174/2008 ( OUG_174_2008.pdf ) and OG 140/2021 ( ).